Sunday, February 19, 2006

this is just too ridiculous

Alright, sorry i haven't been posting much lately. I've become detached from the internet so that even when I go into town I hardly spend any time online.

I don't have much time now but I do feel like i can tell one story that is pretty ridiculous.

During our second week of school we celebrated martin luther king day - and by celebrated I mean i went to school and taught while the people at the peace corps office in ouaga had the day off.

Anyways, every once and a while i just don't feel like teaching at all, and if I have my quatrieme class (they're my favorite) that day I don't teach but instead have an 'america day.' Basically, I talk a little bit about american history or culture. So on martin luther king day I thought I would talk about martin luther king and give a short history of black people in america. The class loved it. They always love america days. But what made this lesson particularly interesting was that they had just gotten english textbooks (no biology books yet) and in these textbooks there was a page about martin luther king and it had part of his famous dream speech on the page.

-monsieur, is this who you're talking about?
- yeah that's him. Thats the text of the speech he made in washington, one of the greatest speeches ever made.
- can you read it for us.

I decided to see if one of the kids would give it a shot first. my favorite student tried. I don't want to say that king would have been offended to hear his speech being delivered by this student, but I will say that his pronunciation was not quite up to the eloquent standard of the right reverend. I took over and read the speech, in dramatic fashion, to the kids. Its martin luther king day, I'm in the third poorest country in the world reading the I have a Dream speech to my class of african kids. And even though they don't understand what I am saying, they are rapt and they are cheering at all the right spots.

This is just too ridiculous.


Anonymous Tyler's Dad said...

Yeah! A posting from Tyler. Good story and glad you shared with them this famous speech. Now you need to tell them about March Madness!


3:43 PM  
Blogger Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Hey Tyler,
You're slowly connecting the dots from one culture to another although it may not seem that way.
There are not enough connectors out there. I'm glad you're there.

9:01 AM  

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