Tuesday, May 03, 2005

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i never wanted to do the blog thing cause it always seemed a little narcissistic and ive always thought that i write better when i have a specific audience to write. but i really hate using these crappy french keyboards that make you shift just to use a period; screw that, its semicolons all the way from now on; you guys will have to learn to deal with one long run on sentence; anyway, i got back from my sojourn to kompienga a little more than a week ago and i cant wait to get back there; i dont think ill have much trouble with my first 4 months there what with having electricity and a pool; im planning on getting a blender and probably a refigerator and working on perfecting the mango smoothie; we'll see;

i dont think its possible to explain how necessary cold drinks are to my life and how much ive grown to appreciate them when they are often nothing more than a pipe dream; i hope i never lose this appreciation but im sure i will sometime in the future; i was telling the other volunteers here that i no longer really feel the changes in the temperature; the only way i can tell if it is hotter is if i look down on my shirt and see that it is soaked in sweat;
i have a haiku that i wrote that i think reflects my desire for all things cold here;

air conditioning
ice cream, milk shakes, and snowcones

i feel as though i could write many more haikus on the subject, but that would be retarded;
anyways, here is a list of things that kompienga has that almost no other peace corps site here has (at least for education volunteers); electricity, a pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, running water (although not in my house), toilets (at the school and the pool), ice, a liquor store, canned vegatables, cheese, a river, mountains (theyre hills really); there are probably some more things that i could add but you get the idea;

the only volunteers ask me if i feel like im not going to get the real peace corps experience; after i stop laughing and thinking of the pool i respond with a firm "i could care less"; when i thought about the prospect of getting this glorious site a few weeks ago, i wondered the same thing; but after i jumped in the pool (the biggest one in burkina by the way) all thoughts of that disappeared; there are certain things i like about the small village life that i have experienced in Bassi; everybody knowing your name, the town figures straight out of a mark twain book, the very villageois style of the life; but kompienga has a lot of that; im just going to be a lot more comfortable when i experience it; anyways, my time is about up; send me some mail, if you have the time that is

i demand (actually im just asking)
beef jerky
tabasco sauce
the ultimate hitchhhikers guide to the galaxy
scholarly books on the works of shakespeare
history books (american, english, european, and african, and big ones too)
textbooks (biology, advanced college level math, physics, chinese, advanced french, and economics)



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