Thursday, May 05, 2005

better sites than mine

i suggest you check out and . they are both better than mine, and the first one has pictures, including a few that ive taken;

as for me, i just recently managed to weasel out of the first day of practice school by cleverly throwing up multiple times in the morning; im a lot better now though, so no worries and we will be doing a lot more practice school in the coming weeks so i didnt miss much (and as it turns out, the prof had already taught the section he told me to prepare so perhaps the sickness was for the best)

i dont really have much for now (whenever i get online, i waste all my time trying to follow what has been happening to the cardinals or other sporting news) but i do want to say this; im going to have four months at my site before i begin teaching and for the first three of those months im not going to be able to leave my site; so, if you like getting letters from people on different continents who normally dont write letters, send me your address; im going to have to fill those months somehow


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