Wednesday, April 06, 2005


last sunday i woke up at around 730 as usual in a pool of sweat, i had begun the night sleeping in my little courtyard outside on a mat but when the ants started biting i opted for sweat over stings. i took a bucket shower after waking and then ate a breakfast of yams and meat on the bone (meat is never boneless) with moon frère sayouba. then Sayouba and I went out for a walk in the area as yet unexplored behind my house. he took me to the dried up lake, the best spot for cell connection in the area and showed me all the trees. then we went back and i left to the village of mara for lunch where we had some peanut sauce and rice and some chicken, freshly killed as always.
i rode my new bike back to my house and began to pack up for the stay in gourcy; sayouba had already left for school in ouahigouya. i said goodbye to my family and rode to the cpl to meet with the volunteers. we played cards and waited until 3 for the 2 o clock bush taxi to arrive. it showed up right on time and piled our bikes right on top of the frame over the back of the 20 year old peugot truck. we hopped in and sat on the two benches inside and then took off.
after almost running into a pack of cows, we stopped about 8 km outside of gourcy to pick up and old man and his moto. as he was holding it onto the back of the truck, a turbillon (a cyclone or dust devil or dust tornado) with a diameter of about 50 feet rumbled into town and ran right over the spot we had vacated. it was unreal


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