Sunday, April 17, 2005


This past thursday, we all found out where we would be spending the next two years of our lives. (insert drumroll here) Actually, i already gave you the name, not that that means anything to you. Kompienga is a town of about 8000 people located 30km from Togo and 45km from Benin. My school has 125 students in the 6eme class and around 70 to 80 in the other 3 classes, so that will be tough. And my nearest neighbor is about 3 hours away in the regional capital of Fada N`Gourma. Actually, i have been told that i have closer neighbors in Togo. Anyways, thats the bad. Here is the awesome part. THERES A POOL!!! which is ridiculously awesome. ill also have electricity at my house which is ironic since im the only one in my stage that didnt bring something that had to be plugged in. But i think im going to get a fridge.
Anyways, im on my way to see the village now with the volunteer im replacing and with my counterpart (he teaches math and physics at the school), so ill have to update later about what the village is really like. the end


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